28 February 2010


>My votes:




Radio Guerrilla - Antimitocanie

25 February 2010

Underwater sculptures


>you can see more here.
>great ones.


>drawings in steel by Frank Plant.

22 February 2010


>Advertising Agency: Cossette, Canada

21 February 2010

Special Mirrors


>Danny Rozin builds mechanical mirrors with diverse materials such as chrome-plated plastic balls, mirror titles, wood dowels, and more. Once you step in front of the Rozin’s art piece, it reflects your image in real-time.
>His work here

19 February 2010


>world`s variety.
>more species.

18 February 2010

I`d put it in my room:Captured Dreams

>20 pillows(45x45cm each)
>more here

Eat your vegetables..

.>Lars Wunderlich Illustrations

♪ ♩♫♪ ♩♫

16 February 2010

Decades ago


>1.Sean Connery and Brigitte Bardot
>3.Elvis Presley
>4.John Lennon, Yoko Ono and Andy Warhol
>5.The Beatles
>6.Paul McCartney

11 February 2010

Why not?

>The print campaign brings great male historic characters such as Che Guevara and Albert Einstein as women, suggesting that they could pretty much have been female characters.

>Made by Lew'Lara

10 February 2010


 > cover by Eebsofresh (Ebrahim)
 > more here

09 February 2010


        >Agyness Deyn

>You can find some of those @The Kitchen store.

08 February 2010



>Recovering Lazyholic project

Marc Johns serious drawings part. 3

>Marc Johns serious drawings

04 February 2010

Who`s Next?

>Who's Next, an international network, is a great opportunity to share and discover fashion creations with a wide community of  fresh young designers.

>INSIDE #19 - Melting Pot // Who's Next & Premiere Classe Paris - Jan10 

>INSIDE #18 - Backstage Catwalk Show // Who's Next & Premiere Classe Paris - Jan10

>Who's Next & Premiere Classe / sept. 09 / Catwalk Show

>Who`s Next.com

>The specific arrangements of the perforations reveal different shadow-poems according to the solar calendar.
>Jiyeon Song

03 February 2010

Wednesday`s playlist